Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Klosterman returns with new novel

While it’s packed with interesting ideas, The Visible Man is a novel that takes a while to get going.

UTM professor wins Ig Nobel Prize for beer and sex research

The Ig Nobel Prizes are an American parody of the Nobel Prize given out yearly to scientists whose research “first makes people laugh, and then makes people think”.

U of T in top 20 in new rankings

The University of Toronto placed 19th in the 2011–2012 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, down two spots from last year.

Who do we have to thank?

The history of Canadian Thanksgiving goes back several centuries. In fact, historical records indicate that various First Nations tribes celebrated a ceremony of thanksgiving many years before the European settlers arrived.

Shakespeare and beyond

In terms of cultural attractions in Canada, nothing is much more prestigious than the Stratford Festival. Held annually in scenic Stratford, Ontario, it’s the most well-known theatre festival in Canada.

Will humans become extinct?

Humans are unusually gifted at causing the extinction of species. Could they be next?

Language department brings its communities together

The Department of Language Studies held the Annual Awards Reception and Music Gala on Friday, September 30 in the CCIT building.

Debating dejabbing

Shaila Kibria has accomplished many things since leaving UTM: running for the New Democratic Party, publishing a children’s book, and writing for CBC Radio—but she most recently made headlines over her choice to stop wearing her hijab.

Environmental awareness at UTM

Our campus has been involved in several projects and campaigns that support the environmental cause.

UTM women’s volleyball wins again

The UTM women’s Division Two volleyball team won their game 2–1 against University College (UC) on Tuesday, October 11.

Luke’s Languages

“Prescriptive and descriptive? Sounds like you’re trying to teach me something!” (Well, just briefly, okay? Go make some popcorn if it’s that bad.) Basically, whenever people...

Bills begin 2011 season with a fast start

Led by their bearded (and what a beard it is) QB, and fantasy football monster, Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills are off to a terrific start.

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