VP University Affairs Dan Dicenzo and his only friend love the environment. EDWARD CAI/THE MEDIUM

Last week UTMSU’s Ministry of Environment held Environment Week, an event aimed to educate UTM students about environmental issues.

The events ranged from Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, pumpkin carving and Green Arts on Wednesday, and a showing of the documentary Vanishing of the Bees on Thursday. The event was held in the Student Centre, where tables were set up with fun and engaging activities.

The pumpkin carving event provided a festive opportunity to learn about the importance of organic food, as well as other healthy food options that do not harm the environment. Students could paint a “fruitful” portrait in hopes of getting in touch with their environmental side.

Dan Dicenzo, a third-year biophysics student and UTMSU VP University Affairs & Academics, described the event as a “stepping stone”. Environment Week promoted environmental issues to allow youth to engage in learning about what the Ministry of Environment has to offer. Campus Roots and Urban Agriculture also participated in the event, promoting ways to reduce the amount of waste at UTM.

“It’s the best way to provide the youth with a proper understanding of the environment,” said Dicenzo. He also hopes that more events like these will occur in future, and mentioned to look out for the Evergreen Brick Works Trip, an event open to all students free of cost.

Regarding broader environmental issues like the climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, which come directly from the exhaust pipes of our cars, trucks, and airplanes, Dicenzo feels the first step in preventing the climate crisis from becoming worse is education and awareness among youth.

“It is important to make sure people are engaged within the issues so they can work together in the future,” Dicenzo said.

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