Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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The Shins fail to shine

The Toronto stop on The Shins’ tour seems to have been a mere practice round for Mercer and the new band, but even so, they managed to fill the void that fans have felt since 2007.

Career Centre hosts Get Experience Fair

The fair occurs every year, with the goal of introducing students to organizations that can give them the opportunity to gain experience that would be helpful in the workforce.

No more lost in space

The HARPS team has discovered over 150 planets in eight years. The trick to finding planets, says HARPS, is to look for wobbly stars. The stars’ light appears to oscillate because they are being tugged at by a nearby planet’s orbit.

Campus Athletics Update

On Sunday, September 25, the UTM campus hosted three tri-campus intramural games. At 1 p.m., an intramural soccer game was played against the St. George team on the North Field.

Our words have deeper meanings

The use of homophobic slurs, regardless of the intent behind them, is inappropriate. Period.

The Style List: Fall in style

Here are six trendy, budget-friendly, and completely versatile must-haves for 2011 to help you stay stylish throughout fall and into winter.

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