Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Does the team need a water boy?

I jumped at the opportunity to try out for the tri-campus volleyball team. I wanted to get a feel for the athletic experience at UTM. That, and I wanted people to once again see me as Funny Chris after I wrote this classic article documenting the hilarious event.

OUT@UTM shows their pride

Queer Orientation, the week-long tri-campus LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) frosh event, began last Sunday at UTM and ended on Church Street with the Homohop dance on Saturday night.

Trailer park boys and girls

Complete with pink flamingos, Cheetos, beer, and a whole lot of conversatin’, the cast members use their incredible vocal abilities to humorously explore the unusual happenings in this Florida trailer park.

The Transformation of UTM

With the opening of the new Instructional Centre and the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex this year, UTM—once “Erindale College”—has completed a new chapter in its history. Over the past 46 years UTM has transformed from a small offshoot of St. George, working out of a high school, into a renowned academic centre—an integral element of the tri-campus system.

UTM cleans up community

On Friday, about 400 people participated in a community cleanup led by United Way, 150 of which were UTM staff and students.

U of T ranks third outside US

Newsweek and The Daily Beast placed the University of Toronto third in the list of the top 104 universities outside the US last week.

UTMSU introduces DisOrientation Week

The UTMSU held its DisOrientation event last week to unite students on campus who share a passion for various initiatives in politics, equity, and social justice.

Homophobia hurts

The use of casually homophobic language, while the intent is often not to be homophobic is offensive and does have the potential to really hurt people.

Leafs prospects on display in pre-season

Whether it’s a yearning for hockey after a long summer or the chance to check out top prospects in play, Toronto fans tuned in for some pre-season action this past week.

Fireworks at the AGM

Earlier this month, the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) unveiled Fireworks 2011, an exhibition by Ontario Clay and Glass Association members in collaboration with FUSION magazine to showcase the best contemporary clay and glass artwork from the Golden Horseshoe.

Crushing on your TA

Whether or not we allow ourselves to admit it, we are all prone to crushing on our TAs, even if it is just a teeny tiny bit!

Kutcher is the man

Two and a Half Men pulled in its biggest audience ever with its season nine premiere last Monday night.

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