Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Joker blurs the line between joy & sadness

Todd Phillips’ Joker has been the talk of the town for a while now. In fact, if you have been on the internet lately, then you...

Peterson speaks out against masculinity hate

  In a YouTube video uploaded on October 2nd, the University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson partook in a conversation with professor Camille Paglia from...

Green Dot is amazing

I encourage all students, staff, and faculty to attend a Green Dot training session.

Green Dot on campus

The Green Dot bystander training program caught the eye of Cheryl Champagne, who instituted it at U of T

U of T kicks off Green Dot

The Green Dot program is an education and awareness initiative.

Residence “lights the night”

Students and staff braved the freezing cold and attended UTM’s “Light the Night” event last Thursday. The event was organized by Student Housing and...

ROP group reports on crime

Geography professor Dana Wilson released the preliminary findings of her study on the causes of violent crime at the Crime Prevention Conference on November...

Men wear wedges for pledges

The UTM Women’s Centre held the Walk Five Minutes in Her Shoes event at the Student Centre last Wednesday to raise money and awareness of violence against women. From 1 to 2 p.m., male pledges navigated an obstacle course, catwalked, and posed in heels.

Violence and art in video games

Even if the games themselves are not art, there may be valid artistic expression inside them on one level or another.

Light the night

The fourth annual Light the Night event was held last Thursday evening to raise awareness about violence against women. According to Statistics Canada,  women between...

Violence against women

Strolling along UTMs Five Minute Walk, snow-frosted trees to either side, students smiling ahead and behind, it is easy to forget that the world,...

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