EPUS is back

So what is all the hype about right now at UTM? The U-Pass, that’s what! Since the revival of the Association of Erindale Part-time Undergraduate Students at UTM in the summer of 2011, the elected executives and its members has been arduously working to meet the needs of and provide the services essential to part-time students at the UTM campus. One of the major issues affecting part-time students at the campus is the inaccessibility of the U-Pass that allows students of UTM to use the Mississauga bus routes free of charge.


As of fall 2011, EPUS has conducted several discussions with the City of Mississauga and Mississauga Transit with regards to permitting this service, given to full-time students due to an agreement with UTMSU, to part-time students as well. Finally, in winter of 2012, EPUS was successful in attaining an agreement with the Mississauga Transit for the first summer U-Pass trial for part-time students at UTM, under assigned conditions. Furthermore, EPUS will be holding a referendum from March 6 to 8 whereby part-time students of the UTM campus will be able to vote in favor of or against the U-Pass for the summer 2012 session. EPUS is also collaborating with the City of Mississauga and Mississauga Transit to obtain the eight-month U-Pass for part-time students as well.


The referendum will be conducted at polling stations in the North Building, the Davis Building, and the CCT Building between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. All you part-time students who want the U-Pass, in order to save hundreds of dollars which can be put towards better use (such as your tuition), come out and vote YES to the summer 2012 U-Pass!


Without your participation and votes, this splendid opportunity will not come to fruition. EPUS has opened the playing field with favourable positions; now it is your turn to make that home run!


Cherri-Ann Valentine

President, EPUS

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