Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Tag: Issue 14

City Centre Candle Light Vigil

Thursday night at Mississauga's City Hall hundreds of people gathered together outside in the sub zero temperature to mourn and protest the West's inaction against...

Mumbai vigil brings UTM together in mourning

Over 100 students gathered in a candle-light vigil to mourn the victims of the Mumbai attacks in November. The event was organized by the Hindu Council, Sikh Student and Muslim Student Associations, among others.

UTM Women's Centre honours Montreal Massacre victims

December 5, 2008 saw the UTM Womens Centre hold a memorial service for the nineteenth anniversary of the Montreal Massacre when Marc Lepine shot...

2009 WJHC: Could you expect anymore from these kids?

Ottawa rumbled during the 2009 World Juniors Hockey Championship (WJHC) with one of the quickest and most entertaining competitions in IIHF history, mostly thanks...

The ugly side of Father Christmas

The time of the year when we are supposedly at our happiest and kindest has just ended. Christmas trees, crowded stores, bearded old men...

What's the Di-Leo: New Music and Katy Perry

Welcome back to another fun-filled semester at UTM. And what better way to welcome us back than with a brand new segment of Whats...

The Gaza crisis

Many have been shaking their heads recently. Some of them at whats going on in the Gaza strip right now, and some at whats...

Strike at UTM in February 2009?

The University of Toronto and CUPE Local 3902 are currently deadlocked in negotiations, with a mediator scheduled to intervene this month in the hopes of reaching an agreement. If this fails, CUPE may be in a strike position as early as February.

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