Monday, May 27, 2024

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Exploring monstrosity

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is currently hosting an exhibition titled De Monstris: An Exhibition of Monsters and the Wonders of Human Imagination....

PSLA panel discusses the impact of 1968

Last Wednesday, the Political Science & Pre-Law Association hosted an interdisciplinary panel called “The Impact of 1968: How the World Changed,” in recognition of...

History is more than just names and dates

What makes a good teacher? It’s a difficult question. I personally hold some of my previous teachers responsible for shaping me into the person I...

Mississauga’s home on the Grange

Tucked into the side of Dundas Street West near Mississauga Road, the Grange serves as the headquarters of Heritage Mississauga, a local history organization,...

An Aboriginal lesson in philosophies

Traditional teacher Cat Criger, UTM’s Aboriginal elder, talks about his philosophies on life and spirituality

A new kind of history

Institutional history be damned

Halloween through the (Dark) Ages

The word “Halloween” comes from the Catholic Church. It’s a contraction of “All Hallows Even”, that is, the night before All Saints’ Day, a day for the observance of saints, held on November 1.

Looking back inspires the future

Last Tuesday, Caribbean Connections, Erindale Campus African Student Association, and UTMSU came together to launch the start of Black History Month. This month’s theme...

Judy Cohen shares survival story

In order to coincide with Holocaust Education Week, the Historical Studies Society at UTM hosted Gender and Genocide Week in the North Building from...

Real Halloween: be scared

The very first Halloween customs descend from the druids of the Celtic people of the British Isles and Gaul (old France). Druidism was popular...

Discovering UTM: Thomas Cottage

Most UTM students have at some point or another walked past the cottage lying between the South Building and Oscar Peterson Hall. Yet no...

High expectations for the New American President

Ive heard a couple of conflicting comments recently about all the hype surrounding the new U.S. President. One that plays on my mind the...

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