Monday, May 27, 2024

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Pop culture welcomes feminism

I was never as excited about TV as I was when I first saw the HBO pilot of Girls. At that time I didn’t...

Placing third-wave feminism

To be honest, I can’t recall how it began—the sensation that something was changing in our culture. The feeling could have been inspired by any...

Girls’ sophomore release: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

San Francisco-based indie band Girls return with their sophomore effort, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and while the first track, “Honey Bunny,” mimics—if only for...

UTM losing streak continues against UTSC

The U of T tri-campus girls volleyball Intramurals continued today, with UTM hosting UTSC at the RAWC. UTSC won two straight sets with a scoreline...

Feminism Discussed

On November 13, a group of women gathered in the South Building for a round table discussion about feminism. Posters covered the front of the...

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