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The intersection of business and tech

Collaboration between business and technology has been steadily increasing in the industry over the last few years. Experts from technological backgrounds such as computer science, mathematics, and...

New business minor for science students

A new minor in Business, Science, and Entrepreneurship will be offered to science students in September 2017, allowing them to combine another skillset of...

Students show their green at conference

The Undergraduate Commerce Society held its ninth annual Show Me The Green Conference March 12, which saw three UTM students take home the grand...

Students trade stocks in IMI finance competition

The closing ceremony of the IMI Finance Competition was held on Wednesday in the Innovation Complex Rotunda. Sponsored by Nvest, it featured roughly 100...

CEOx1day: getting a taste of the hot seat

After seemingly endless hours of hitting the books at the library and stressing about their future, students often ask themselves if they are on...

The business of sports

Some 300 students and sports fans heard world-class speakers on the state of sports business today at the fourth annual UTSB conference on Friday. The...

Success with a side of spaghetti

Just a two-minute walk down Queen Street South from the Organique Juice Bar I wrote about earlier, UTM grad Jessica Iatomasi and her husband...

“Smoothie chef” opens juice bar

Whether it’s a restaurant or a retail store, don’t we all dream at one time or another of becoming an entrepreneur and opening our...

The business of sustainability

Bob Willard gave a talk on sustainability last Tuesday

Balls, brains, and a wallet

Brett Wilson on what makes a good show and a good business, and advice about balancing your life.

New buildings open for business

The Instructional Centre is open for the new school year while the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex is in its final stages. The new buildings have neared completion just in time to begin the 2011 academic year.

Positive writing makes me mad

Businesses want to make you happy. Happy people, to put it bluntly, spend more and question less. There’s nothing wrong with that goal at...

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