What now?

Life after playing a varsity sport can be difficult. It can be a struggle to adjust to a life without teammates to depend on without a coach to call the shots.


“We spend a lot of time together and build a bond that is often life-lasting. More importantly we start to trust each other. A football game is like a warzone, and we need to look out for our brothers on that battlefield,” says Michael Prempeh, a veteran of the Varsity Blues football team. With such strong camaraderie, it can be a shock being catapulted into a life that is often organized around solitude.


When their playing days are over, stars are often pulled out of the spotlight and put back into the general population. But it’s not the end of their sports life; their time with a team gives them lifelong lessons they can put into action every day. Many of life’s obstacles can be tackled by the methodical approach of a sports team. “We learn that you cannot do everything by yourself. No matter the situation, you’re going to have to collaborate with people and come up with a game plan,” says Prempeh.


One thing a university career of varsity sports bestows is confidence. Just ask any sports player. When asked if he’s prepared for life after varsity, Michael Prempeh boldly replies, “I’m ready.”

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