“You should get one of these—do you even know what this is? It’s a fitness orb, and it’s completely changed my life. Forget everything you thought you knew about ab workouts; this ab workout is specially designed to strengthen your core, has numerous health benefits, strengthens your back, improves your performance at sports, and leads to more enjoyable sex,” says Dwight Schrute, before Jim Halpert stabs the exercise ball underneath him.

If Dwight Schrute, the fan-favourite character from The Office, knows the physical benefits of working out at your desk, then you probably should too. Even Stanley Hudson found ways to work out at his desk when the entire office came together for a weight loss challenge. He put a weight on his feet and did sitting leg raises, ultimately working out his core and hip flexor muscles.

About 50 percent of Canadian adults admit that they don’t get the physical exercise they need. Sitting all day increases your risk of obesity, back pain, leg cramps, poor posture, tense muscles, and boredom. During March and April, it seems like all this schoolwork has us sitting while we’re working, and also while we’re enjoying ourselves—season four of House of Cards just came out on Netflix, yay. Workplace or classroom workouts can help make the most of your limited hours and make you feel fresh, fit, confident, and accomplished. By using a little creativity, you’ll be able to satisfy your health needs.

Sitting on a stability ball

The stability ball is a piece of exercise equipment used for strength training, allowing you to improve balance and stability and correcting poor posture like hunching over in your chair. The stability ball is also known as a Swiss ball or yoga ball; it‘s inflated and constructed of a soft PVC material. Sitting on a stability ball can improve posture because it’s always engaging abdominal muscles. Stronger ab muscles protect the lower back as well. When sitting on the ball, keep your feet flat and firm on the ground, thighs parallel to the ground, back straight, and gaze towards the middle of the screen. You may look ridiculous bringing a stability ball to class, so many keep it at home.

Resistance band exercise

Resistance bands are a great way to strengthen your training routine or rehabilitation. They come in different sizes, lengths, and strengths. The most famous bands come with handles, allowing you to grip the band conveniently. These movements may seem like stretches at first glance, but after doing them for a while, you’ll realize they’re exercises. There’s nothing better for your attention and mood than increasing your heart rate and pumping your blood quicker from increased activity. Getting creative with the ways you loosen your hips, tighten your core, or tone your arms will leave you satisfied and craving more.

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