The Medium made another mistake on September 15 when they published “The Case for Personal Responsibility,” an opinion written by mental health expert Dr. Sonia Romero Johnson. The Medium received backlash due to the article’s promotion of National Socialist ideals such as self-responsibility, exercise, and nutrition.

“I struggle with crippling anxiety but I finally built up the courage to publish,” said Johnson. “It was very exciting to share tips on how I deal with my own mental health. The backlash I received has made me second guess the next time I decide to share my opinion.”

“The paper last week was so offensive, I couldn’t stop crying,” said UTM student Bianca Reyaz. “I tried to wipe my tears away but the paper was too rough. I got a paper cut and now I’m going to sue The Medium for everything they’ve got!”

Out of respect to those hurt by opinions and paper cuts, The Medium will now print all future issues on Kleenex.

With the switch from paper to tissue, The Medium hopes that future readers will be able to wipe their tears with two-ply opinions.


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