UTSU settles suit with Bollo-Kamara

UTSU has passed a motion at Saturday’s board meeting to accept a settlement deal with Yolen Bollo-Kamara, one of three defendants listed in a civil suit filed by UTSU last September.

According to UTSU’s statement published Saturday evening, the settlement was reached on January 7.

The suit against Bollo-Kamara, UTSU’s former president; Sandy Hudson, the union’s former executive director; and Cameron Wathey, UTSU’s previous VP internal and services, alleged that the three were involved in improper payments made to Hudson after she was terminated last April, which UTSU declared was done without cause.

“Ms. Bollo-Kamara has sworn under oath that she did not receive a financial benefit relating to the payment to Ms. Hudson,” reads the statement. “The UTSU believes that this is true.”

The exact details of the settlement have not been made public.

According to the statement, Bollo-Kamara claims Hudson convinced her to issue the payments in question.

“Based on the established relationship Ms. Bollo-Kamara had with Ms. Hudson, and the reliance and trust that she had placed in her, Ms. Hudson convinced Ms. Bollo-Kamara that Ms. Hudson was entitled to the severance and overtime pay,” reads the statement.

The statement also alleges that Hudson claimed to have received legal counsel with regards to the payments.

“Ms. Hudson advised Ms. Bollo-Kamara that Ms. Hudson had sought legal advice from DLA Piper regarding the Termination Agreement and related documents. DLA Piper has denied that it provided any legal advice regarding these documents,” reads the statement.

The Medium has not independently verified any of the claims.

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