Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tag: yolen bollo-kamara

UTSU executive lawsuit settled

On October 10, UTSU approved an undisclosed settlement with Sandra Hudson, former UTSU executive director, for improperly paid overtime hours. The lawsuit, filed in 2015,...

Town hall with the Black Liberation Collective

Following the Black Liberation Collective’s call to boycott UTSU for being “anti-black”, UTSU scheduled a “Town Hall to confront anti-Blackness within the UTSU” event...

UTSU settles suit with Bollo-Kamara

UTSU has passed a motion at Saturday’s board meeting to accept a settlement deal with Yolen Bollo-Kamara, one of three defendants listed in a...

UTSU files lawsuit against former execs

UTSU filed a civil lawsuit against three of its former employees last Monday and at least one of the defendants has now been served. According...

Fulfilling fiduciary duty

Last week’s news of the legal case UTSU filed against its former president, VP internal, and executive director brings to the fore an important...

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