UTM Residence Council hosts 30 Hour Famine

Students got twice their daily required intake of Vitamin C after the fast ended. JUNAID IMRAN/THE MEDIUM

The UTM Residence Council hosted the 30 Hour Famine on Friday night at Oscar Peterson Hall. Students gathered to promote awareness about poverty and hunger.

Gina Lai, the VP Administration of UTMRC, and the organization’s Community Connections Committee facilitated the event at UTM. Thousands of students at other schools also participated in the event, centrally run by World Vision.


Dale Mullings, the director of residence and student life, joined the group and participated in various games. Students slept over in Colman Commons, the dining hall in OPH.


Deep Saini, the principal of UTM principal and the vice-president of U of T, visited the group on Saturday afternoon to share his own experience and discuss the importance of food conservation.


The regional representative from World Vision also attended to share personal stories.


The money raised from the event will fund a 15-year rehabilitation project in the “Horn of Africa”, which is Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The project will provide 200 families with the education and supplies to become sustainable and to share that knowledge with other members of their community.

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