The University of Toronto Mississauga has gone smoke-free as of January 1, 2019. The new policy aligns with the university’s goal to create a healthy environment on campus.

“Smoke-free” includes the banning of lighted tobacco or cannabis, and the use of electronic cigarettes or other vaping devices.

As a part of their commitment to help students, staff, and faculty on campus to quit smoking, the university has implemented twelve designated smoking areas across campus. These spaces will be used as part of the transitionary period before the university bans smoking full-stop. Some of the main areas include the area between the Kaneff Centre & Innovation Complex and the William G. Davis Building, as well as the area behind Deerfield Hall.

There are also designated smoking areas beside all the major residence halls and townhouse lanes for students living on campus.

Indigenous ceremonial activities that feature smoking will be exempt from the ban, and the policy will accommodate such uses in accordance with applicable law.

In regard to how the policy will be enforced, the university will focus on educating students, staff, and faculty about the policy and the risks of smoke and second-hand smoke. The university will also be providing support through smoking-cessation programs for students, staff, and faculty who wish to stop smoking.

According to the official FAQ page on the policy, enforcement measures “will depend on the individual’s relationship with the university, the nature of the infraction, and the place in which it occurred.”

For more information on smoking-cessation programs, or to book an appointment, students can contact the UTM Health & Counselling Centre.

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