In a decisive vote, Unit 1 has accepted U of T’s offer to end the strike through binding arbitration.

Unit 1 members will return to work tomorrow, according to an update from vice-chair Ryan Culpepper to the membership.

At an emergency meeting today, Unit 1 voted 942 in favour of binding arbitration. Meanwhile, 318 voted against the proposal and 12 votes were disallowed.

The union and university will leave all matters remaining in dispute to a third-party official, to be appointed by the provincial mediator, who will determine a final solution that both parties are required to accept.

An email from U of T’s media coordinator Althea Blackburn-Evans announced the decision to students.

“With the University of Toronto and CUPE 3902 Unit 1 agreeing to binding arbitration, the recent strike has ended. But a number of challenges remain, as we work together to return to regular functioning over the next few weeks,” president Meric Gertler is quoted as saying.

In the meantime, Culpepper said that CUPE 3902 still intends to participate in its march and rally planned for tomorrow. There will also be a Unit 1 meeting on Tuesday to discuss next steps.

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