UTSU’s second SGM, hosted on Thursday evening, failed to reach quorum, resulting in the meeting transitioning into a town hall format where students discussed  motions instead of voting on the items on the agenda.

With UTM students noticeably absent from the meeting, Abdulla Omari, a division three director on the UTMSU board, attempted to explain the absence.

“We’re sort of kind of tired,” said Omari, adding that students have been to one AGM already and there wasn’t much drive to attend on Thursday.

According to UTSU president Ben Coleman, 176 votes were present in person at the meeting and buses were arranged together by UTMSU and UTSU to transport students from UTM to the meeting held at Sidney Smith Hall on the St. George campus.

To reach quorum, UTSU needed to have 350 votes at the meeting to pass motions.

UTMSU president Ebi Agbeyegbe did not respond to The Medium’s request for comment when asked why more UTMSU members were not present at the meeting.

According to Coleman, agenda items pertaining to bylaw amendments will be passed on to the next UTSU AGM, while remaining items will be dealt with by the UTSU board or other union committees.

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