Shaun Shepherd, president-elect of UTSU, initially did not want this photo in The Medium. STEFANIE MAROTTA/THE MEDIUM

Executive members from the University of Toronto Students’ Union travelled to the Mississauga campus to campaign on behalf of UTM Engage, the slate that ran almost entirely unopposed in the UTM Students’ Union election.

UTSU president Danielle Sandhu and VP external and president-elect Shaun Shepherd donned yellow UTM Engage shirts and discussed issues pertinent to UTM students. On the flipside, during the UTSU election earlier this month, UTMSU employees and volunteers had campaigned at UTM on behalf of Unity, the slate led by Shepherd.


Shepherd’s photo was taken while he campaigned to UTM students in the CCT Building. On noticing the camera, Shepherd stated that he did not want his photo in The Medium, citing “personal reasons”. He was asked to make a statement revoking his consent, but declined and walked away.


Later that day, Shepherd tweeted about professionalism and courtesy when taking photographs in public.


According to Canadian law, permission for photos is only required when the photo is taken in a private venue (such as a house or small meeting), with exceptions for small children. Campus is considered a public space.


Two days later, Shepherd approached editors from The Medium and asserted that his permission is required to publish a photo of him campaigning to students in a public area. VP internal candidate Raymond Noronha interjected and repeatedly asked whether his picture could be used without consent.


Shepherd was informed that photos taken in public settings can be published without consent, and he repealed his earlier statement.

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