All three U of T campuses took part in the weeklong Queer Orientation. FACEBOOK.COM/PHOTO

Queer Orientation, the week-long tri-campus LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) frosh event, began last Sunday at UTM and ended on Church Street with the Homohop dance on Saturday night. The week included socials such as “Speed Meet and Greet” and thought-provoking events like “Religion, Queerness, & Education” and an active dialogue entitled “Queer on Campus”.

UTM’s Queer Orientation kicked off with a meet and greet at Erindale Park on Sunday. New and returning LGBTQ and Ally students filled the park gazebo. Students spent the day playing icebreakers and acquainting themselves with new friends.

Participants and OUT@UTM executives alike were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. Attendance was up significantly from last year; the majority were new members.

On Monday, UTM hosted a Sexy Bingo night. On Tuesday, there was a bake sale to raise money to send student representatives to this year’s Canadian Universities Queer Services Conference in Regina.

Ally Night was held on Wednesday in the presentation room of the Student Centre in attempt create visibility and to inform individuals outside of the queer community about LGBTQ issues. There was a brief presentation followed by a meet and greet, catered by the Blind Duck Pub.

Students gathered in the Student Centre on Thursday night to talk about queer issues, and to give anecdotes of harassment and of coming out in a positive space. After the event, people went downstairs to prepare for the final event.

This was the popular Night Crawl, an event which takes students on a walk through UTM’s dark trails armed with nothing but a large supply of flashlights. Students crept through the dark trails singing songs, telling jokes, and laughing.

In the end, the Night Crawl finished where the whole week began, in Erindale Park, where students roasted marshmallows and told ghost stories.

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