New plan underway to protect UTM women

Anti-violence project launched this week

A new anti-violence plan has been launched on campus to protect young women, since UTM is home to many women aged 15 to 25, who are reportedly at the highest statistical risk of experiencing gender-based violence.

UTM’s CampUS Safety Project launched its Community Safety Plan as part of the Health & Wellness Fair at the RAWC this Thursday, according to a press release last week. The plan’s spokesperson is Chad Jankowski, acting assistant director of UTM’s Health and Counselling Centre.

Initiated by UTM in collaboration with Interim Place, a Peel-based shelter for young women, and with additional funding from Status of Women Canada, the plan calls for campus administration, social service providers, and Campus Police to come together to address the prevalent problem of violence against young women.

The CampUS Safety Plan is the result of recent consultations with UTM students and staff. Projected results include changes to police reporting procedures and the physical environment of the campus, according to the press release.

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