The Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students’ (APUS) provides bursaries for students in need. Recently, as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, the association has decided to open new bursaries for part-time students who identify as Indigenous, Black, Queer and Trans and/or disabled.

Founded in 1968 by part-time students who wanted to make part-time study an integral part of the University of Toronto, APUS represents and provides services and programs to part-time students across all three U of T campuses.

The bursaries have been created in recognition of the fact that part-time students do not have easy access to government and institutional funding.

The new bursaries include: the APUS General Bursary, the APUS Access Bursary, the APUS Indigenous Student Bursary, the APUS Black Student Bursary, the APUS Queer and Trans Student Bursary, the Jovita Nagy Bursary (for UTSC & UTM students), the Marija Hutchison Bursary (for part-time students in the TYP & Academic Bridging Programs).

The first application deadline was February 1st, 2019.

Application for these and eligibility criterion are available on the association’s website at

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