Monday, March 4, 2024


This magazine probably comes as a surprise to most of you.

As far as I know, The Medium never had one before, although other university papers do. Nor has there been a demand for it—try as I may, I can’t hear students clamouring for a Medium Magazine outside of this office. So why did we do it? Why now?

And you’re all set

You’ve somehow established the flimsy pretense of “watching a movie.” Don’t blow it by throwing on Schindler’s List. Now, it’s important to differentiate between a “make-out movie” and a “date movie.” “Date movies” are meant to be engaging, at least for one party.

How many U of Ts?

Like the 900 or so University of Toronto Mississauga Frosh students at the Hart House field during Frosh Week, I was silenced by the chant of “St. George rejects” that the downtown students hurled at us.

Things you need to have. Right this second.

Medium Magazine breaks it down, item by item, exactly what you need to have to get through your daily grind.

From North to South

Remember your first day at UTM? Remember feeling like you’d never find your classes when you realized they took place in more than one building? Here’s your guide to finding your way around UTM.

Confessions of a Stanley Cup champ

Bruce Driver is one of the lucky few who realized his dream of making it into the NHL. We asked him about it.

Best of the nation

As we enter a new decade, The Medium Sports Editor Andrew Tysiak takes a look back and recaps the top 5 Canadian athletes of the 2000s.

The cool factor

Somewhere in the world a boy will ogle at a pair of Adidas sneakers, a grown man at an iPhone, a girl at an Armani dress, and they will all wish they had it.

There’s an app for that

Many laughed when the iPhone was first released. No keypad? Apples gone mad, they said.

How to be an international

It’s your first year at UTM and it all seems confusing. Here's our first-ever guide to UTM’s resources for international students, compiled by Su Lyn Liew, our own copy editor imported directly from Malaysia.

Last chance for romance, also known as how Rich Aucoin stole...

Rich Aucoin started doing this and that, now he's getting in trouble with Dr.Seuss and having a good time.

So you wanna buy a camera?

In the market for a new camera? Medium Magazine's Photo Editor Matthew Filipowich draws out what you should buy.

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