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Looking to run? Visit the elections page.

Here’s a quick guide to our election process.


Where can I find election resources?

Current elections and downloads are at Elections (or see the bottom left of the site).

Read up on the roles you can run for at Positions (or see the Contribute section).

For inquiries, email editor@themedium.ca (or cro@themedium.ca during elections).


What kind of elections do you run?

We run two kinds of elections: board of directors and editorial board.

The board of directors is elected once a semester, with five undergraduate seats.

The editorial board is elected once a year; the elected positions are editor-in-chief, news editor, arts editor, features editor, sports editor, and photo editor.


Who can run?

To run for board of directors, you just need to be a current undergraduate UTM student. So… that means you! Obviously, you’re also a responsible, motivated person.

For the editorial board, ideally you’ve written or worked for us (see Writing FAQ or Photo FAQ). Technically, all positions except editor-in-chief are open to people with experience and qualification from outside, but it helps to know the organization. Note that only current UTM students or alumni of up to one year can run.

Neither type of role works if you’re an executive or board member of another club or student society. Shucks, right?


How do I run?

Click on Elections and download a nomination form. Here’s your checklist:

Board of directors:

  1. The nomination form
  2. A résumé
  3. 20 signatures from current UTM students
  4. A short statement of intention

Editorial board:

  1. The nomination form
  2. A résumé
  3. A cover letter

Submit the whole deal to our office before the deadline.


If you’re running for the board of directors, you’ll get a copy of the campaigning regulations when you submit your nomination form. You can do anything within those.

If you’re running for the editorial board, a day is picked when all candidates give a speech explaining what they bring to the position, and then answer questions from the floor.


Who can vote?

For the board of directors, any current UTM student can vote.

For the editorial board, the following people can vote:

  1. The editor-in-chief
  2. The four section editors
  3. The copy editor, photo editor, and online editor
  4. Anyone who’s contributed to at least half the issues in either semester

This last group will be contacted during the election. If you’re not sure whether you can vote, email editor@themedium.ca.


How do I vote?

The board of directors elections are totes high-tech. Just go to voting.utoronto.ca.

Editorial board voting is done in person or by phone. Details are given during the election.


What’s the election timeline?

Board of directors:

  1.  A notice is put out
  2. Nomination period
  3. Campaigning period
  4. Voting period

Editorial board:

  1. A notice is put out
  2. Nomination period
  3. Speech and Q&A day
  4. Voting day


How is fairness achieved?

Our elections are run in accordance with the university’s guidelines for student societies. Moreover, our constitution lists election policy and a chief returning officer is hired for the duration of the election to determine regulations and to supervise campaigning and voting.


I still need to know more.

Contact us or read section 8 of the constitution.

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