Tips for job interviews

Interviews are a very important aspect in getting that dream job. Are you nervous about what to say, or how to dress? Don’t be, because I have decided to let you in on a few little secrets on how to impress and seal the deal. Follow these simple guidelines and you can forget about the sweaty palms and nervous stuttering that happens during all intense interviews.

Do research on the company.

Prepare ahead of time and research the position you are applying for. Ask questions about the company in general, and make sure you have details that can carry on a conversation with your interviewer. This will show that you’re interested in the position and committed to getting the job.

Try to be somewhat personal.

Ask your interviewer personal questions about his or her experience with the company. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so this will make them feel that you have gone beyond the limit in your research and that you want to gain new knowledge about your future employer and the “valuable” experiences they have had already.

Do not ask about the pay.

Seriously, don’t ask about the pay. This could be the worst possible mistake any one can make. During an interview, do not ask anything even remotely related. Instead, when you receive the callback (which you will after following these guidelines), ask politely about the salary and then decide whether or not to take the job. When you receive the call back this means you have the job and now you can respectfully accept or decline the offer.

Dress to impress.

Dress accordingly for the job. If this is a career position, then dress conservatively, and in business attire. Blazers, dress pants, tie, and dress shoes are appropriate for men. Women, you can wear a blazer and dress pants too, or go for a black sheath dress. Don’t wear very high heels, and not a lot of makeup or bright nail polish. Guys, easy up on the aftershave and cologne, and girls, don’t get spray-happy with your perfume.  Also remember: the higher the position, the darker the outfit (navy blue, grey, black).

Follow up

If you have an email address, then give a short thank you response to your interviewer. It shows that you are interested in the job and have taken the time to go the extra mile to show this. No need to be fancy, just a quick thank you for taking the time to meet with you.


When meeting the person for the first time, keep visual contact and give a firm handshake. Be polite and keep a positive mentality. Remember to smile, and be friendly. No one likes talking to a robot with no personality. But always remember to be professional. No one wants to guess that you had a late, drunken night with your buddies yesterday.


If you direct your palm slightly pointing towards the sky during a handshake, this means you are here to serve. Palm down means that you are in a position of authority.

I hope these tips will help you at your next interview. Remember that if you stay calm, dress to impress, and go prepared, you got nothing to sweat. So strut your stuff and get that job!

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