Friday, March 31, 2023

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How I learned to enjoy university life

Dear students of UTM, My name is Rishabh Dev. I am a proud student of the university and studying in my fourth year. I am...

Tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions

Here are some tips to keep your eye on the ball and finally make the changes in your life you may have wanted, and tried, to make for years.

10 secrets to success

Don’t flunk out. This is a little obvious, but really, humankind has accomplished many much more difficult things than getting a bachelor’s degree.

A crash course on athletics at UTM

Built five years ago, the RAWC offers golf cages, squash courts, aerobics rooms, multiple gymnasiums, a running track, tennis courts, and a pool—and virtually everything else you’d want to see in a gym.

Valentine’s gift ideas: surviving V-Day

Have a girlfriend/boyfriend and don’t know what to buy for them? Have that special someone you want to woo, but unsure how to do it? Are...

Valentine’s beauty tips

Valentine’s Day has snuck up yet again, leaving us anxious to find the perfect makeup look to complement that little black dress from Forever...

Iron-clad tips for public speaking

On Thursday, February 10th, in the CCT building, the ONE VOICE Speech Competition will be held. To help any interested attendees, or anyone with...

Memorization tips for students

Everyone is different, including when it comes to learning and memorization. The world can be split into three learning styles: visual learners (65% of...

Who not to sit next to on the bus

You’re rushing to get to class, you hop on the bus, but there are no two empty seats side by side. Do you just...

Tips for job interviews

Interviews are a very important aspect in getting that dream job. Are you nervous about what to say, or how to dress? Don’t be,...

Tips for watching Paranormal Activity 2

There is a certain level of expectation everyone has when going to a horror movie. Those who like scary films look forward to their...

How not to handle a breakup

After a breakup we can do some pretty irrational things. I went around campus last week and asked people their best tips about what...

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