Grab a lifeline

Lifeline: UTM Blood and Stem Cell Society encourages students and their families to become lifelong supporters of donating blood and stem cells.  The club formed this year, and is affiliated with Canadian Blood Services, Canadian Blood Services at St. George, OneMatch, and Stem Cells 4 Life.

For Denise Tran, an aspiring medical student, starting Lifeline was a “way to make a difference in the present for the future.” She started Lifeline to inform UTM students about the necessity of blood donations. The Canadian Red Cross Blood Services serves 650 health care facilities in Canada; they play a major role in the accessibility of blood transfusions to patients. They also manage the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, which provides bone marrow cells to cancer patients or individuals with bone-marrow deficiency diseases.

Lifeline has a number of events planned this year for the UTM community. There will be blood donation clinics near UTM collaborating with Canadian Blood Services, and OneMatch clinics, where participants may give a sample of their DNA through their cheek cells and participate as a bone marrow donor. As well, Lifeline will have recipients of blood or stem cells come in and speak about their experiences to raise awareness on the constant need for blood and stem cells. These are just a small sample of the planned events.

For more information about Lifeline and ways you can get involved, contact Denise Tran at

Can’t find the [insert favourite thing here] Club during Clubs’ Week? You can start your own, too! The procedure for applying for recognition by the UTM Student Union for a new club is as follows:

1. A completed application for recognition must be submitted to the VP of Campus Life. The application forms are available online and in the UTMSU office.

2. A signature list of 25 people must be submitted showing their interest in forming the proposed club.

3. A constitution for the club as outlined in the Clubs Handbook, found on the UTMSU website, should be submitted as well.

4. If, after the submission of the above items the Clubs Committee agrees that the club has the potential to be accepted, the club recognition package will be presented to and reviewed by the Clubs Committee.

Most applications for club recognition are due by May, but always check UTMSU’s website for new information.

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