Monday, May 27, 2024

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Students donate for Nate

Lifeline: UTM Blood and Stem Cell Society saw an increased number of students registering to become stem cell donors in support of their annual...

Lifeline recruits stem cell donors at UTM

Lifeline: UTM Blood & Stem Cell Society collaborated with Canadian Blood Services’ OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network last Tuesday to recruit donors at...

Stem cell donations on campus

UTM’s Lifeline held the second annual Stem Cell Research Donation event on Tuesday.

HIV-positive man is cured

Currently, there are approximately 33 million people worldwide living with HIV. However, doctors now believe they have cured a man after he received a...

Students “Get Swabbed”

OneMatch, the stem cell and marrow network which is a division of Canadian Blood Services, visited the UTM campus on November 1. They set...

Grab a lifeline

Lifeline: UTM Blood and Stem Cell Society encourages students and their families to become lifelong supporters of donating blood and stem cells.  The club...

China recognized as number one in stem cell research

Canada and U of T pride themselves of being pioneers of medical sciences, having participated in advances as important as the discovery of insulin...

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