Hate is embraced by wood grain grippers
And syrup sippers alike;
Not by me though.
I do not depend on prejudice
To determine who I am,
Rather, I transcend, and foresee,
The way society ought to be.

And if it pleases you,
It will please me to let my sublime dissertation be,
That I need cheese only with the pictures I snap,
And my grill is endorsed by a boxer in a chefs hat.
The love I show might be Californian in intensity,
But its Universal in its reciprocity.

Every dime laid becomes another dollar
deposited in my name, because the only place
I drive by is the drive through,
unrolling the twenties I got from moving rocks,
at my landscaping job.

So let me represent the 905 by saying,
check my weary neck, and check my fingers,
my calluses are worth 100k.

I am a hustler from head to toe,
yet I have no foe.

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