Beautiful Things

The phone call comes at 2 a.m. in the morning on Tuesday

as I’m tucked in bed, not knowing the tears I’d soon shed…

to tell us that you’re in the hospital and, the doctors say,

there is a large tumour growing in your brain,

and all other attempts to save your life would be in vain

but an operation to remove it at once,

and give both you and your unborn baby a fighting chance.

Please, God, let this cup pass from you, I fervently pray!

Let not your life be over this extraordinary day.

But if the Lord your soul must take,

my heart won’t break, my faith won’t shake,

because your spirit soars up high like it’s on eagle’s wings.

And somehow you’ll come back to us again,

in the form of happiness, love, friendship,

and other beautiful things.

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