A silent shattering

The tinkle of a broken glass hangs in the air

Long after it’s smashed, damaged and broken

The yelling, the screaming, all the fake gleaming

Were given every day as love’s small token

As a poignant note played on the piano,

An echo, a resonance, or the cry of a soprano.

An end of a melody, a deluded fantasy,

a song, a lullaby that needn’t be justified

Reverberating in the air, unspoken yet heard

It ended all at once, in one fast blow

In a swift movement, in an artistic flow

The magic, the charm, the beauty, all gone

Scattered all that was once a whole,

The life, in a life, that is no more.

Treated as if destroyed

will not make a mess,

will cause no pain, no damage,

no hurt, no stress.

The illusion perceived as an actuality


Across the moment, a ghastly reality

Not realized then, just blissfully immune,

That with one small act, lives will be strewn

Unrecognized, and unseen,

That on the other side lies a different scene.

Spoken a million times, across a million crimes

The plea of every victim to a sinner at their prime,

The hope for reasoning

a display of humanity

The hope to again remember,

The forgotten virtues and morality.

Forgotten in time, forgotten in words,

Forgotten in crowds and even in herds,

A simple fact, a truth, a decree,

A lesson for all, for all to see,

That the leaves on a branch make up a tree

That each drop in the ocean makes a sea,

And that many people are a part of me.

You dare to break one then you dare to break all,

Not only those destroyed,

but the destroyer suffers the greatest fall.

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