I am a faithful reader of The Medium…

Dear Editor,

I am a faithful reader of The Medium, and some (but not all) of my friends are, too. I don’t mean everyone should read everything in it. I mean that I always find something to read, and even to enjoy (though if what some people say about your paper is to be believed, God help me!). So never mind the odd look I get when I grab a copy off the stand; besides, there’s always at least one other person who, seeing that I didn’t die a horrific, melting-related death when I touched it, goes over and daintily picks up a copy, too.

You know what else is great? The way The Medium takes articles from anyone. Yeah, some are good and some bad. But I know that no one will hold it against me if I say that the one time my name appeared at the top of an article. So sometimes I just enjoy an article because I feel some personal connection with it—but every issue and every article has that, and not just for its author, but because it deals with UTM.

Of course, nothing’s perfect. For example sometimes you see the same person’s name a few too many times. But I guess the more people write in the less that’s a problem. Or sometimes there’s a bit more argument than discussion in the Opinion section. But I guess the more important the things we cover, the more heat it generates. Or sometimes the copy editor seems to have let in a few obvious mistakes.

But I guess he’s a student too and probably has as much schoolwork as the rest of us, on top of The Medium. Long story short, none of these are enough to make me skip the good parts.

Yeah, this letter may be a bit too positive. But I for one have read and heard enough of the opposite sentiment to think your paper deserves a little pat on the back once in a while.


Luke Sawczak

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