For those who aren’t aware, we are hosting our Annual General Meeting on February 28th. I urge students who are active readers of our content—and those who aren’t­­—to come and participate.

An AGM is an open forum for you. It’s our space to openly discuss how we’ve spent your money, what you can look forward to, learn how to be involved, ask questions, and be aware and informed about campus journalism.

Journalism has always been a tricky and unstable field to work in, and the work of student journalism is no different. The future for campus journalism is uncertain, and we can only hope to spread awareness and understanding of our role on your campus. One of the best ways is to attend our AGM and engage in discourse about what we do. Criticism and discussion is the only way we can know if we’re doing a good job for you as our reader.

It is on you to be informed, and it is on us to ensure we constantly stay on top of information. It is simple to disregard our work and shy away from even paying attention, but it is to your benefit to understand the happenings on campus.

Community opinions matter to us and so does your engagement with our journalism. Without your contribution to our work, UTM loses it’s only method of honest and fair communication. Your payment goes towards pay to the staff that work daily to put together essential stories for you.

Often times we are disregarded or completely forgotten because we aren’t publishing content you want to see. If you share that sentiment or have heard that from someone you know, share with us what you hope for us to publish. If nothing is ever said, we will continue to find our own methods of improvement, however you are the audience this paper exists for.

We are a place for open discourse and free opinion in our opinion section. A place for fair and unbiased reporting in our news section. A place for exciting features on events and people on campus. A place to engage with the creative arts on our campus and in the GTA. A place to find out about sports teams and find new ways to take care of your health. A place for your voice to be heard.

We hold our elected officials to account, and ourselves. We constantly strive to ask the questions you have, and give you up-to-date active journalism that keeps you in the loop. It isn’t an easy job, but here at The Medium, the editorial board knows it’s importance and value for campuses, and wants  to share that with you. It can only continue if you engage and stay active with all that we do.

That is why I highly encourage as many of you as possible to come to our Annual General Meeting in CCT 2130 at 6:00 p.m. Your voice is as essential to you as your academics. Be a part of campus journalism, learn what we’re about, and express your thoughts with us.

Help us continue to be the voice of UTM, and let your voice be heard, since we are The Medium to help you expand that voice.

See you in a few weeks UTM.



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