YTF leave their legacy in Toronto

YTF Legacy paid a visit to Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall as part of their YTF Legacy Tour 2012 on October 5.

YTF is a group of six well-known YouTube performers. The group’s name is derived from their motto: “Yesterday is in the past. Today you have a choice. Forever is up to you.”

On the night of the show, the Danforth Music Hall was bubbling with the excited chatter of parents, teens, and university students alike.

The lights shone orange and red on a “YTF Legacy” backdrop as the spotlight drew everyone’s attention to the group, who stood together on stage with the backs of their letter jackets facing the audience. They broke into a quick hip-hop dance routine before leaving the stage.

Each YTF member had his own routine. Chester See captured everyone’s attention with the fan favourite “God Damn You’re Beautiful” and was joined by Ryan Higa for a performance of “Bromance”. Victor Kim was utterly enchanting when he stepped onstage in a tux to play ukulele and sing “Fly Me to the Moon” and “ Over the Rainbow”. Andrew Garcia cast a spell on the crowd with Chris Brown’s “Don’t Wake Me Up”. Dominic Sandoval brought down the house with his perfectly choreographed moves to “Gangnam Style”, and had everyone roaring with laughter when he grabbed a couple of audience members and serenaded them with his passionate lip-synching and dance moves to ’N Sync’s “Tearing Up My Heart”. Last but not least, JR Aquino took to the stage and sang a few original songs, including the adorable love song “By Chance”. Throughout the show, Higa acted as the host, returning to centre stage to entertain the audience following each performance.

The spectacular show ended with one final performance by all six members of YTF, breakdancing and singing their hit song “Nice Guys”. They took a final bow and thanked everyone in the audience for their support and love.

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