When thinking of the faces that make up Canadian rap music, Drake tops the list in terms of prominence and critical acclaim, arguably. Underground Canadian rap groups like 3Peat are expanding this once exclusive and limited scene. 3Peat is a three-person group based in Manitoba and is comprised of Dill The Giant (Dillan Morgan), E.GG(Erroll Layco), and Steve (Steven Texeira).

On the group’s conception, Texeira stated that each member of the group had been a student of rap for as long as they can remember.

“We formed 3Peat because from an early stage, it felt very organic when we make music and rhyme together.”

One of the group’s most played tracks on SoundCloud, “Rain,” has a 90s beat that is reminiscent of Biggie Smalls’ style. Although I’ve played the track multiple times, and have even downloaded it, I have to confess that the lyrics escape my comprehension.

The song opens up with sounds of a basketball crowd, cheering for Michael Jordan in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Jordan scored 35 points in the first half of that game. In the background, a commentator for the game can be heard saying, “This is the greatest performance, maybe ever.” After which, the beat of the song drops.

“‘Rain’ is a fun song and actually the first song we ever recorded as 3PEAT. The song is called rain because after I produced the beat and it came time to save it, I simply named it ‘Rain’ because there is a rain stick throughout the beat. The hook is an homage to the classic, and one of my favourite tracks, “The Blast” by Reflection Eternal. Coincidentally, it’s also raining in the music video for that song,” said Texeira.

The group has recently appeared during Canadian Music Week 2017. On CMW’s website, the group was interestingly described as a “triangle offence.”

In terms of the group’s experience during CMW, Texeira noted that it has been a positive one: “Canadian Music Week was awesome. Being able to leave Manitoba for our first out of town band experience in a city like Toronto is really an eye-opening experience. You always hear people talk about the opportunity in big cities but when you see it for yourself it’s something else.”

Another song from the group “Sentimental Mood,” had a music video released by Innervision in September 2016. Layco takes on the first verse of the song, and in the music video, the camera follows him through streets in Manitoba. Layco raps about his upbringing and his family’s struggle with financial stability, which in the song, he described as “the struggle for the pesos.” Texeira and Morgan’s verses subsequently follow. A strong component of the music video were the jarring transitions between scenes as they were following the group in different urban settings of a city.

“‘Sentimental Mood’ is directed by Tom Elvers and Cole Dyregrov of Innervision, a local-based media company owned and operated by some of our closest homies. That video happened very spontaneously. Only thing planned was the day. We walked around Downtown Winnipeg at 2 a.m. and just rapped, hung out and filmed it. I feel like it captured our essence as people pretty well,” said Texeira.

When asked what fans can expect from the group in the upcoming months, Texeira said that the group will be focusing on creating another record along with solo projects.

“I think the goal this year is to make the most of what we do. Seize opportunity as it’s presented,” said Texeira.

At the moment, the group has been posting their music on SoundCloud. Their most listened song is “Rain,” with over five thousand plays. Other notable tracks include “Lazy Afternoon,” “Jive,” and “Vitamin D.”

Previously, 3Peat has performed during the 2017 Canadian Music week in April. The performance was held at Longboat Hall in Toronto.

On November 24, 3Peat will be performing at The Good Will Social Club in the evening. The event will involve a free cover and drinks.

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