Monday, May 20, 2024

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Figuring out the buzz

One question I’ve been wanting to ask Bad Buzz, a Toronto-based punk rock band, is whether or not they still get nervous after playing...

Watch out for this rap group tripartite

When thinking of the faces that make up Canadian rap music, Drake tops the list in terms of prominence and critical acclaim, arguably. Underground...

Who is A Gentleman’s Pact?

If you keep up with the Canadian punk scene, you may be wondering who A Gentleman’s Pact is. Formed in Beaumont, Alberta, this quartet...

Canadian Music Week in Review

In case you have yet to see this week's Medium - our centre spread (page 8&9) was devoted to Canadian Music Week. To keep with the graphic feel of the CMW spread, instead of reading the articles on the website, we have uploaded the spread as a .pdf for you to view. If that is not enough for you, you can follow our CMW blog from which includes the full audio from the Simmons Lefsetz Cage match as well as photos from the Indie Music awards along with video of USS' infamous set.

CMW: 2009 Indie Music Awards in Photos

Photos from the 9th Annual Independant Movie Awards, hosted by Jeff Leake with preformances by Anvil, The Midway State, Arkells, USS, Crystal Castles  &...

CMW: Gene Simmons vs Bob Lefsetz Cage Match

Yesterday, Gene Simmons gave his keynote speech at Canadian Music Week 2009. Blogger Bob Lefsetz ripped apart reviewed Simmons' keynote speech last night only to awake to a response from Gene Simmons himself. Lefsetz critisized Simmons keynote for resembling more of a infomercial and just "A product promotion...for the latest iteration of Simmons Records."

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