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Volume 44, Issue 1 (September 5, 2017)

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UTM expands mental health initiative

The former Canadian First Lady and mental health advocate, Margaret Trudeau, is expected to share her life story and personal struggle with mental health...

UTSU is unsatisfied with the administration’s statement that denies the occurance of the CNP rally

North Building Phase B expected to be completed on schedule

Administration gave TED-like talks to motivate new students

Hospitality department seeks to become more self-sufficient

Davis renovations will provide a new permanent food court

Inform yourselves UTM, always

My first editorial, how do I start this? I hate that summer is over. Though, as the Editor-in-Chief of this paper, I have to say that I’m excited. Excited to reinstill the importance of journalism to the new students and the students continuing their time here...

How to create: 200 expressions of art

After walking through the doors of the Art Square Gallery—a two-part setting comprised of a gallery and a quaint backroom café—I begin to think...

AGO pays tribute to Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary with exhibitions by Native artists

Short stories receive screentimes

The solemn lyrics of The Doors’ “The End” opens alongside the sight of mass...

Local musicians take over open microphone evening

Studio.89’s weekly Comedy Night had no shortage of comics who’ve cultivated humour well. Hosted...

A successful attempt at satirizing aspects of calamity is a difficult task to accomplish....

Max’s Big Ride returns with research

Pedaling strong for a third year, Andrew Sedmihradsky (the global mobility coordinator at UTM’s International Education Centre) and his son Max cycled through Canada’s...

Joseph Maghamez, a first-year student, arrived in Canada from Syria with his family in January 2016

Undergraduate students present work done over the summer at the second Smarti Gras celebration

Professor John Lester organized a viewing party for UTM students and sky observers on August 21

Managing stress throughout the year

With classes starting up, our days will soon be filled with stress and anxiety. Learning how to manage both stress and time could really...

Varsity program coordinator, Jack Krist, sits down to talk about the evolution of UTM Athletics

The following tips will keep you healthy during the school year