The William G. Davis building is expected to undergo construction on the food court and main entrance later this term, to become a permanent food court.

Estimated to take 18 months to complete, the focus will be on renovating the food court into a “new living room” that holds enough seating for a thousand people, according to Paul Donoghue, UTM’s chief administrative officer.

The building’s upcoming renovations will also extend to the outside entrance by Inner Circle road, in the hopes to establish “extended bus lanes to reduce traffic outside of Davis,” according to a U of T news release.

As of press time, there is no word whether the food court will feature vendors supported by the Chartwells contract, or if the school will seek to bring in a variety of outside companies.

Over this past summer, the Davis building underwent renovations to update “two 70s-era lecture theatres,” while several science labs have been upgraded over the past few years as part of a larger project to modernize the building.

Further details on the project are expected to be discussed during an upcoming Campus Affairs Committee meeting on September 14.

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