Inform yourselves UTM, always

Ask questions and be constantly informed so that you can learn to understand

My first editorial, how do I start this?

I hate that summer is over.

Though, as the Editor-in-Chief of this paper, I have to say that I’m excited. Excited to reinstill the importance of journalism to the new students and the students continuing their time here in university.

I wrote in my last op-ed in March about the importance of the school newspaper. And I still strongly believe in that.

I’m constantly asked what I’m doing now that I’ve graduated. And besides thinking of the best possible way to say, “NO IDEA,” I obviously tell them that I am the Editor-in-Chief of a newspaper. And when they ask which paper, I inform them that it’s UTM’s newspaper, and I get the look. The look that says “Oh…wow…a student paper?” No one has to say anything for me to immediately understand the judgement being rained down on me.

It is important now, that I as the EIC of this newspaper inform you, the reader, that this newspaper stands for much more than an opportunity for students to learn journalism. We may be a bunch of students who are working to produce content, however, we’re a bunch of people with a passion for the journalism we do here at The Medium.

What we do matters. To be informed is to understand. When you read our newspaper, it’s important to be informed and know the campus your money is put into. This institution is much more than a hub of academia. You can choose to treat it like that, but are you really getting the most out of your experience if all you do is come to get an education? The last thing you’ll remember in the future is how you once went to school and sat in a lecture for 8 semesters. What you will remember is the experiences that you allow yourself to embark on; whether you choose to join a club or be a part of something other than the academia you pay for. The Medium offers you the chance to be informed and stay informed.

We are socially conditioned to make judgments and decisions based off hunches and prior experiences. However, we fail to adapt and push ourselves to learn more than what we’ve been given. We learn what we have to and we don’t bother making the attempt to learn more. And don’t get me wrong, I do this too. Though, you need to be aware of the fact that doing this will not help you improve and grow. A part of growing is consistently aiming to learn more, and knowledge will help you understand more.

A lot happens on this campus. If you use your time to just focus on academics, you lose sight of yourself and what it truly means to have knowledge. Memorize all the content you want, do all the readings you have to, do the best you can in school, but remember that on top of that, it’s essential for your well-being to learn just as much about the institution you are paying for 4-6 years.

Coming to this university, you are easily blinded by all the colourful booths, the smiling faces, the school banners and colours, the inspiring speeches, the beautiful building, the perfect campus, the excellence, and the vastness of it. And believe me, I too believed in only what I saw. But now it’s your turn to make a decision, whether you’ve been here for 1 week or 3 years. Are you going to continue to live your life understanding everything at face value? Or are you going to ask questions and gain as much knowledge as you can to understand the world as much as you can?

I can tell you that the journalists that work with me here at The Medium will ask the easy and hard questions to spread knowledge to you, the student. This is a team that believes in the importance and the impact of their work to the student body and even the administration. Call us student journalists, call us a little journalism club, but we will not back down in the face of resistance, especially when students have the right to be informed of everything that affects them on this campus. It can be everything from the most recent production at Erindale Theater from our theater and drama students, to the newest lawsuit. No matter what it is, you have the right to know. And my team will do everything they can to make sure you know.
So, while you’re studying, pick up our paper. Take the time to learn and understand something new. Most importantly, stay informed, UTM.


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