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Volume 38, Issue 20 (March 12, 2012)

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Students hold event celebrating women

UTMWC and WGSAG bring International Women’s Day to campus

Students First and independent candidate Tanoli fall behind by large margin

Due to a recent student complaint, the Blind Duck Pub now offers non-halal food options.

According to unofficial results, 14% of eligible students voted in referendum

The Muslim Students’ Association hosts Islam Awareness Week

UTMAC falls flat

I would like to express my disappointment with this year’s UTMAC

There needs to be a dramatic rethinking of the way we as students are represented and what role we see our union playing in the future

More thefts occur at the library than at any other location at UTM.

Drama students exit stage left

Theatre Erindale’s 20th season takes its final bow with Stage Door

Last weekend, the UTM fashion club Style and Profyle held its 10th annual Fashion and Dance Show in the Blind Duck Pub.

It’s hard to criticize Bird’s style, because he does it so well.

If Kanye West and The Weeknd had a baby, we’re pretty sure it would be Chiddy Bang.

The case for tying the knot early

Part one of a three-part series discussing marriage among young people

Brad Allen gives the lowdown on the annual Green DAZE at UTM

“How are we selling exercise?”

Research symposium hosted by the University of Toronto questions the cost of advocating healthy lifestyles

Men’s Div 1 basketball continues its pursuit of a championship title after eliminating PHE in the semifinals, 70–53

Last Tuesday, Toronto Raptor Andrea Bargnani made a visit to UTM