UTMAC falls flat

Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter because I would like to express my disappointment with this year’s University of Toronto Mississauga Athletic Council. Throughout the year, I observed that events held by the UTMAC were poorly advertised and I only knew they were happening because I stumbled upon them. For the events that I did participate in, I found that they were inadequately promoted, lacked motivational incentives, and for the most part, the events were disorganized.


UTMAC’s website says: “Leading UTMAC in 2011-2012 is a fresh new executive team looking to bring a new look and a big change to you athletic experience at UTM this school year.” The first thing I noticed about this statement was the grammar mistake, which reflects the lack of attention to detail that the council has put into their events throughout the year. Secondly, the only big change I noticed in my athletic experience was that it was not as exciting and I was not provided the opportunities that previous councils have given students. The atmosphere at home games was not at all what one would expect from a university crowd: games lacked adequate promotion, resulting in few fans present, and no cheering section. This year, I was only aware of one home game that was promoted by UTMAC. I was disappointed in my experience of this game because posters were posted only two days before the game and the mascot was not even present. In the years preceding, fans were pumped up at games with chances to win prizes and the opportunity to get free pizza and great t-shirts. UTM Intramural sports teams were very successful this year, and there were numerous championship games, which would have been a great opportunity for students to show school spirit and support their peers. There were no promotions for these events by UTMAC and therefore the championships went unnoticed by the UTM community.


UTMAC is given sufficient funds every year (including $4.30 from each student’s tuition payments), and if they spent these funds on items/events that student athletes actually cared about, people would be more likely to vote them back for next year. The UTMAC website also has office hours posted, which is a great chance for students to get to know their athletic council. However, only once out of the numerous times I have gone by the office has there been a representative present. The council is not upholding their duties to the student body.


With the upcoming elections, I believe it is important to draw attention to the paramount role UTMAC has in promoting recreation and athletics to the students at UTM. I would like to see a council voted in next year that is ready to take on this tremendous responsibility. UTMAC should be providing exciting, well-organized, and well-advertised events for UTM students in order to promote school spirit and the athletic experience.


—Ingrid Meldrum

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