Pub offers non-halal

Due to a recent student complaint, the Blind Duck Pub now offers non-halal food options.

The pub is owned and operated by the UTM Students’ Union. Recently, UTMSU received an email concern about the availability of non-halal options. In response, UTMSU introduced non-halal options for the two most popular food items on the menu: chicken fingers and burgers.

“UTM is a very diverse community,” said Shane Madhani, the manager at the Blind Duck Pub. “We try our best, given our space limitations, to cater to all of our students’ needs.”

About five years ago, the Student Union started receiving student suggestions about introducing halal options at the pub. Their response was to add four halal options to the menu. Over the years, the demand grew and UTMSU increased the number of halal options available. Currently, 16 of the 35 options on the Blind Duck’s menu are alternatively available as halal.

They also received suggestions for making vegetarian dishes more available. Even though UTM’s demographic for vegetarian options is not as large, UTMSU responded by increasing the availability of these dishes. Currently, 16 of the 35 menu options are vegetarian.

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  1. HAHAHHA this is too funny! halal and non-halal food tastes the same. People who eat halal have do so because their religion forbids eating food slaughtered in a certain way. Where as people who eat non-halal food don’t really care, so it does not matter to them how the meat is cut. Why would anybody who eats non-halal food have a problem with halal food. I’ve never seen anybody ask the person preparing their food if “this is non-halal”.

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