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Three predictable styles that dominate our campus

Styles and fashion statements vary, but there are three dominant looks at UTM. Whether you’re the busy student, the “ready for anything” student, or the fashionista, feeling good about yourself and rocking the clothes you wear are what matters. See if you can recognize yourself in our quick look at—well, looks.


The busy student

This style is dominated by sweaters and hoodies. It’s quick and easy to put together; these particular benefits are always welcome among students on the go. It doesn’t always comply with the latest fashion trends, but it’s a basic look around campus.


The “ready for anything” student

As the perfect combination between comfort, speed, and fashion, the “ready for anything” style is perfect for students who have a little more time and want to show the campus that they can put together an outfit that looks good—and still achieve comfort and ease.

The main clothing for this style for guys is jeans, a nice t-shirt or sweater, and a sleek jacket or pea coat. Girls can opt for chic yet comfortable leggings, paired with a plaid shirt and leather jacket.


The fashionista

The last style around campus is the easiest to spot. We’ve all seen the people that wear the latest fashion trends and are ready to impress, as they click-clack into lecture halls in their heels or leather oxfords.

Guys typically sport a classic collared shirt with a fitted blazer on top, finishing up the look with dark wash jeans. For girls, the choice is broader. One look is slim beige pants and a thick knit sweater, complemented by an infinity scarf and moccasins.

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