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Our very own Marta Tryshak, a U of T alumna, has become a sought-after endorser in the world of Canadian fashion and beauty brands.

With Love Gabrielle

Our very own Marta Tryshak, a U of T alumna, has become a sought-after endorser in the world of Canadian fashion and beauty brands. On her blog, she documents her seemingly effortless and timelessly classic style. She also jets around the world to report on the top fashion shows, film festivals, and all other adventures that come her way. Marta’s blog—“where fabulous meets everyday”—will convince you that a person can look fabulous on a realistic budget.


The Sartorialist

The mastermind behind this world-renowned blog is Scott Schuman, who was selected as one of Time’s top 100 design influencers. He is famous for travelling all around the world, from the chic, sophisticated cafés of Paris and Florence to the rugged streets of New York and Chicago, on a quest to capture the pure, unaffected, and eclectic style of the global man and woman. His blog reveals how the creativity of the everyday person imposes a huge influence on the fashion world. By no means does the blog represent what’s in style among the pros, but browsing through his words and images on a daily basis can become something of a beautiful addiction.


Wendy’s Look Book

Wendy Nguyen of Los Angeles has earned herself quite a following on both her YouTube channel and her blog. Her refreshing and creative videos relay the latest fashion trends and outfits in a very accessible and relatable way, and they’ve captured my loyal attention. The way she documents her indisputably sophisticated and classy style, informative tutorials, and quirky style tips will convert any girl into a fashion-lover.


Extra Petite

Women are as unique and diverse as snowflakes. Despite this—or perhaps because of it— we all share the fact that we struggle in one way or another to find clothing that fits our body type. This blog is for all my petite girls out there. As a fellow petite girl, I can totally relate to the blogger’s tagline: “The quest for fashion that fits.” Her journey towards building a polished and put-together wardrobe that actually fits her is told through her many posts about the latest trends, professional outfits, and ingenious DIY projects to reinvent bland articles of clothing. It’s a gem for all the size 0s out there who have a hard time finding trendy clothing that flatters their figure, in both casual and professional settings.


the girl with the messy hair

KD Faustino, who came to Calgary from the Philippines a few years ago, is the face behind this blog. Her blog—which has won an impressive number of blogging and fashion awards—chronicles her daily outfits, stories from her life, and everything to do with fashion. Her undeniably chic and unique style captures the essence of her individuality and inspires the fashionista in all of us.


With fashion weeks around the world all wrapped up for 2012, it’s time get on these blogs to catch up on the latest trends and style tips of the season from these inspiring blogs. Most of all, use them as a springboard to be creative and find your own style.


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