Friday, July 19, 2024

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UTM volleyball reborn

Out of all of the sports offered at UTM, volleyball is one of the most active sports around the RAWC, although it is not...

UTM vet finds hope in losing season

The UTM tri-campus basketball team has had its struggles this season. In what could be called a rebuilding year, the team has gone without...

Cricket wins in tri-campus

On February 27, UTM became the tri-campus cricket champions for the first time in their history, giving the team something to be proud of...

Coach Salee, there and back again

The thought of going into sports as a career may seem unthinkable to most—especially in Canada, where if you’re not into hockey, there’s no...

Lady Eagles advance to finals

UTM tri-campus basketball knocks St. George Black out of the championship race in a 55–53 overtime victory.

Lady Eagles accept defeat

UTM played against St. George Blue, who challenged the Eagles with a full-court press that the girls just could not beat.

Dropping the ball

The UTM Eagles men’s Tri-Campus volleyball team played their final game of the season against St. George Black last Tuesday at the RAWC.

Last-pitch effort

After a 45-minute delay due to referee problems, the Men’s Tri-Campus soccer team kicked off against UTSC this past Sunday. It was the team’s final game of the regular season, and they were looking to make the playoffs—even though it would require a 7-goal win against the Raccoons, a top-ranked team.

U of T Lip Dub filmed at UTM

The first part of the tri-campus University of Toronto Lip Dub was filmed at UTM on Sunday. A lip dub (like a lip sync)...

No more boring art

From September 11 to November 28, the Blackwood Gallery will be home to a portion of Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada: 1965-1980, which includes...

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