Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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RAWC hosts annual MoveU motivator

Last Friday, the RAWC, in collaboration with the Health and Counselling Centre and the UTM Wellness Ambassadors, hosted their annual MoveU Motivator. The entirety...

Motivating yourself to keep an active life

Professor Nathan Innocente has accrued many accomplishments during his time in academia, including the recent completion of his Ph.D. in sociology. However, few are...

Students skate on artificial ice surface

With handmade cutout snowflakes adorning the walls, festive music playing in the background, and a synthetic skating rink made from a high-tech plastic polymer...

MoveU squad keeps growing

With a list of seemingly unending exams and essays piling up this time of year, it’s difficult to commit yourself to exercising. Fortunately, with...

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