MoveU squad keeps growing

With a list of seemingly unending exams and essays piling up this time of year, it’s difficult to commit yourself to exercising. Fortunately, with Move U’s Sneaker Squad, students have the opportunity to put their right foot forward and join in a walk around our beautiful campus with other adventurous students.

The walking group for Sneaker Squad is a free program that encourages students to get together on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the RAWC lobby. From there you spend around an hour taking in the beautiful environment of the campus.

“Sneaker Squad provides students the opportunity to be physically active in a social and supportive setting with other students and the occasional staff or faculty member,” says Madeleine Brown, a fourth-year theatre and drama studies specialist and coordinator of Sneaker Squad. “It’s the perfect opportunity to take notice of our beautiful campus and the extensive trail system we have right on our doorstep. Too often we come to campus, go to class, and go home. Sneaker Squad gives students the chance to explore what the area has to offer.”

Along with the walking group, there is a Learn to Run program, which meets at the same times in the RAWC. Andrew Lozzo, a fourth-year biology and psychology major, leads the running program and works with Brown to ensure an enriching student experience for all who join. “We’ve seen significant results with upwards of 20 students coming out. The program will conclude with a group of runners participating in Harry’s Spring Run-Off at High Park. We’ve been very happy to have such a great reaction to the program,” says Brown.

In a social aspect, participating in these programs gives you the chance to get to know other students who share similar interests inside and outside the classroom.

One of the great features of Sneaker Squad is the support and involvement of faculty. Today, Professor Sanja Hinic-Frlog, Department of Biology, will participate in a walk-along, engaging with the students who come along. Sneaker Squad is also very excited to announce that Principal Saini will get out and walk with students next Monday, after having to cancel last time he was to come out.

The side effects of moderate exercise like spending an hour on a weekday evening walking around the scenic campus include better study habits, more energy, and higher test results. Research has shown that exercise increases neurotransmitter activity and blood flow to the brain, aiding your ability to learn. More prominent are the long-term impacts of exercise—improved self-image, cognitive functioning, ability to manage stress, and reduced risk of colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

Before the school year ends, take advantage of the programs here on campus over the next two weeks that help you keep a positive mindset, especially during this hectic time of year. All you need is an hour and a comfortable pair of shoes.

Besides, you’ll get the chance to take a selfie with the deer on campus, which I’m sure everyone is eager to do.

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