Monday, March 27, 2023

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When Internet dating goes wrong

Internet dating websites and apps have become a popular and successful way to meet people. But as exciting as this new method of dating...

Speed dating and mate preferences

Lisa fixes her hair, powders her nose, and checks her lipstick. She steps into the speed dating room and glances at the men she’s...

How to ask someone out

I am probably the last person on this campus that should be writing an article on how to ask someone on a date, but...

Online dating: what’s ur A/S/L?

Online dating has been around since the origin  of the Internet decades  ago. It started as a tool for the military to communicate and...

Dating tips for guys

Conversation Nothing is more awkward than prolonged lulls in conversation, but dont just blurt out anything to break the silence. Sometimes, its hard to tell...

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