How to ask someone out

I am probably the last person on this campus that should be writing an article on how to ask someone on a date, but I did some research and found some amazing advice. Here is what the motivational love-gurus say about asking someone out:

Be yourself. You want the other person to like you for who you are, not a phony version. Also, try to ask someone out when you are feeling good about yourself. If you have just received good news about something, you seem more relaxed and outgoing.

If you get “No” for an answer don’t lose your self-esteem. You are just as great as you were five minutes before, but with a bit more dating experience. Being rejected is part of life.

(It might seem obvious), but don’t make derogative comments. It just might save you from ending up covered in some type of alcohol or salad dressing.

Take a deep breath and stay calm. You want to seem interested in the other person, but not desperate for attention. Start a conversation about common interests. Laugh when the other person says something funny. Listen to what they have to say; you have only one mouth, but two ears.

Be grammatically correct. Who can possibly resist a grammatically–correct hottie? So, instead of saying, “Me and you should go see a movie,” you should insist, “You and I should go see a movie” (emphasis added)… although you might not want to be so commanding before your first date.

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